Graphical Representation


The six trigonometric functions are represented graphically in the following images. The amplitude is on the y axis and the angle is on the x axis, in degrees. Often the angle is also represented in radians. 

We have to keep in mind that these graphs are independent of time. The only independent variable is angle. They are actually a “photograph” in time of the known harmonic variable magnitudes. 

For better visualization, two periods of each function are presented. 

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Definition of Matrices



Matrices (or matrix in singular), is a compact notation method for element arrays. Often matrices are used with equations systems and vectors. The elements can then be easily treated.

Consider the following system of algebraic equations:

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Derived Forms of Matrices


Matrix Transpose

In a matrix, if we change the position of the elements so that the rows become columns and the columns become rows, we get the transpose of the initial matrix.

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Determinant is a number that is derived from a square matrix using an algorithm. If the determinant is other than zero, it means that the associated equations system has a unique solution or the associated vectors are linearly independent . The determinant of a square matrix is denoted as:

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