Definition of Matrices



Matrices (or matrix in singular), is a compact notation method for element arrays. Often matrices are used with equations systems and vectors. The elements can then be easily treated.

Consider the following system of algebraic equations:

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Derived Forms of Matrices


Matrix Transpose

In a matrix, if we change the position of the elements so that the rows become columns and the columns become rows, we get the transpose of the initial matrix.

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Determinant is a number that is derived from a square matrix using an algorithm. If the determinant is other than zero, it means that the associated equations system has a unique solution or the associated vectors are linearly independent . The determinant of a square matrix is denoted as:

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Operations of Matrices


Matrices Addition

In order to add two matrices A and B, they must have the same number of rows and columns. Each element of the first matrix aij is added with the corresponding element of the second matrix bij and the result is an element cij in the same position in the resulting matrix.

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