Graphical Representation


The six hyperbolic functions are represented graphically in the following images. The amplitude is on the y axis and the angle is on the x axis, in degrees. Often the angle is also represented in radians. One radian (π) is equal to 180 degrees.

We have to keep in mind that these functions are not periodic. As the positive angle increases or the negative angle decreases, the amplitude continues its trend without repeating itself.


hyperbolic sine

Image 1: y=sinh(x)



hyperbolic cosine

Image 2: y=cosh(x)


hyperbolic tangent

Image 3: y=tanh(x)



hyperbolic secant

Image 4: y=sech(x)


hyperbolic cosecant

Image 5: y=csch(x)


hyperbolic cotangent

Image 6: y=coth(x)